9 Single Coloured Hairbands 815x350



LYXO Hair Bands fulfil the criteria we all look for in hair ties – long wearing, great hold, suitable for any hair condition (wet, dry, thin or thick) and glide out smoothly without pinching or tangling.

With the trend for longer hair length the hair band has become the essential accessory for every day.  Yet with regular use, most hair bands stretch beyond usefulness and are unable to hold ponytails as firmly since they are made from rubber and fabric threads that lose elasticity.

LYXO is a Danish designed, high quality hair band made from a unique elastic fibre material that will hold a hairstyle until you decide to take it out.  They do not contain any harmful substances such as latex, heavy metals, phthalate, sulphur or formaldehyde.

LYXO Hair Bands are flexible, long lasting and excellent for everyday life.  They are strong, but gentle and will never snag your hair or pull on your scalp.  LXYO will keep your hair in place with a firm grip when focus is needed on more important things.  And when your day is over, LXYO Hair Bands glide out easily without tangling or pulling.

The high quality, strong hold and range of hair colour neutral and on-trend fashion colours also makes LXYO perfect for hair artists and stylists.  The clear, brown and black choices are great for hiding the elastics in creative hair styling and importantly LXYO can be trusted to stay in place.

When using a LYXO Hair Band for the first time, it is important to remember to stretch it a couple of times to the required size.  After every use, your hair band returns to this size.

LYXO Hair Bands are available in nine (9) colour choices, clear, brown, black, pink, green, orange, grey, baby pink & baby blue.  Each slim monochrome box is perfect to slip into a bag for work, sport or travel and contains 10 single-colour hair bands – so you will always have a hair band when you need one!

Exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Visora Pty Ltd.