LYXO Hair Bands


  • Keeping your hairstyle in place means suffering snarls, tangles and a tight scalp?
  • Comfortable woven hair bands can’t secure the look you want?
  • Why compromise when you can now have both style and comfort?

Out for a run, hard at work, tackling household chores, walking your dog or even practising your ‘down dog’ at yoga class, every day’s filled with times when you need to focus on more than your hair falling out of place.

LYXO Hair Bands are unique, Danish-designed, high quality hair accessories that keep your hair exactly where you want it, for as long as you need.  They are deceptively strong yet supremely comfortable and will never snag your hair or pull on your scalp.

And when it’s time to let your hair down, LYXO Hair Bands glide out easily.  No tangling or pulling.  No tears, no fuss.

Women, men and children – everyone can use LYXO with style, confidence, comfort and safety.


Long Lasting:  With regular use, normal rubber hair bands lose elasticity and stretch out of shape.  LYXO Hair Bands are made from a unique elastic fibre, making them flexible and long lasting.


Safe:  LYXO Hair Bands do not contain any harmful substances found in other products, such as latex, heavy metals, phthalate, sulphur or formaldehyde.


On Trend:   Presented in a slim, stylish pack containing 10 single-colour bands, LYXO Hair Bands are perfect to slip into your bag for work, sport or travel – you’ll never leave home without them!  Favoured by hair artists and stylists.